American Justice

Sir Winston here again…It’s Sunday, September 11, 2011 and after last night’s beautiful wedding at the Villa, and after the 100+ guests had left, I snuck into Bill’s Office to see if there was anything to eat….should have known….he never keeps food in the office…but I did find this poem on Bill’s desk that he wrote ten years ago after 9/11.  I’m sure he would not mind if I share it with you.

American Justice
Written September 2001

The Eleventh of September

We’ll always remember

When our tears and our fears

Swelled in our eyes and our ears.

Planes used as missiles

Hit structures of power

Toppling them down

Death tolls rose by the hour.

The Eagle’s still crying

But our flags are still flying

Our country stands firm

Our resolve is confirmed

United we’re standing

One nation we’re banding

You demons wipe out

With America’s clout

You can run, but cannot hide

Because democracy is on our side

What you’ve done is unthinkable

To a nation—unsinkable

Our country is ready

We’re rock solid steady

You terrorists take note

And there’s no need to vote

Our God and our Country

Are what matters most

Our polls are all closed 

And you terrorists are “toast”

 A WW2 session

Should be a great lesson

June 6, forty-four

America at war

We charged up those beaches

In the very far reaches

And crushed out aggression

We remind you that lesson

But WE will not rest

‘Til YOU’RE laid to rest

So hail to our Chief

In these dark days of grief

May God Bless America

Ten years later we still cannot rest, and we’ll always be on alert…but at least America did something.  We took down the Osama and some of his co-terrorists….but there’s still lots of work to do.

Sir Winston of Villa Woodbine

P. S.  Remember to tell at least one person, peahen or peacock today how much they mean to you…..

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