11 Creative Ways to Photograph the Big Wedding Day

A wedding is probably the happiest ceremony happening to couples taking the next step in seeking a life together.

Some newlyweds take the opportunity to tell the world their love story from proposals, to the actual day itself. Then, there are couples that decide to be very creative and turn their wedding photos into something unique.

Here’s 11 compiled shots to show you various ways of catching out-of-the-ordinary wedding portraits. If you are looking for ideas to use in your wedding portraits, you’re in for a treat!


Framed Moment. (Image Source: I Love Farm Weddings)









Beyond the Frame.(Image Source: Matt Shumate Photography)









Put a Ring On It. (Image Source: Plum Tree Studios)








That Groom is Mine!(Image Source: Inna Makeenko)









Unleash the Hero. (Image Source: Hoffer Photography)









The iPhone Kiss. (Image Source: Manuel Orero)









Just Married. (Image Source: Freddy Ku Photography)









Space defied Chase. (Image Source: Joe Hendricks)








Goof as a Couple. (Image Source: Alexandre Bourguet Photography)







Wedding Wars Star Wars Style. (Image Source: Steven Kowalski Photography)












Kidnapping the Groom. (Image Source: Stelmakh Studio)

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