6 Essential Questions to ask a Wedding Planner

Most brides turn to the internet, to Google “wedding planning help” and scour the magazines for ideas and advice, only to quickly start feeling overwhelmed with the numerous steps involved in planning a wedding. It’s now time to:

QUESTION: And those are just the first few tasks to get you started – So you might find yourself asking the following question, “Where am I going to find the time to for all of this and it still be perfect?” Well, most of us are already working full time, so we suggest you take the easy route…

THE SOLUTION: Hire a Wedding Planner!

Yes, the talents of a truly brilliant wedding planner are endless and they will be the essential player in your successful wedding. The planner becomes a portion of your heart, brain and your own right hand – They help secure the location, hire vendors, negotiate contracts and coordinate all the logistics. Why you should you worry about the details? Hire the right planner so you can relax and enjoy the planning process and your big day.

So, how do you find a good one? Wedding magazines, friends and blogs offer some advice about beginner questions to ask when looking to hire a wedding planner. Such as, what types of services the planner offers and the rates they will charge at different types of services. Clearly there’s a lot more that should go into selecting the planner for your major day. After you’ve gone over the basics, here’s what we suggest that you considering asking to make sure you’re hiring the right person.

Question 1: “How do you communicate with clients?”

Communication is question #1 because not only is communication HUGE it is a MUST. Make sure you know how you will keep in touch with the planner – Is meeting in person, talking over the phone or emailing better? Some of the more modern planners prefer communicating by texting. Steer clear of text communication, as a lot of correspondence is taking place and can be easily misunderstood through a bad auto-correct or missed message. Next, find out how often you should expect to communicate. There are many options, for example: Some brides do better with weekly check-ins, while others want be involved as little as possible. If your planner works part-time (some planners have full-time gigs and do weddings on the weekend), make sure they’ll be available when you need to contact him or her.

Question 2: “How many clients do you have in a year, and how many in my wedding month?”

What you’re trying to determine here is just how available your planner is going to be during your planning period. Planning a wedding is time-consuming and requires great attention to detail. Does your planner have a lot of weddings booked around the same time as yours? A lot goes into the planning of a wedding and you want to question how well the planner can juggle their schedule.

What to look for: High-end Planners book no more than 1-2 weddings per month, whereas the “day-of” coordinators can get away with 3-4 weddings per month.

Question 3: “Do you work alone or with a team?”

What’s the size of your guest list? Small to large, the execution of an event is very involved. Some planners actually have assistants – Does yours? It’s important to make sure you feel confident that your planner will have enough support to handle some of the following wedding areas:

  • Details
  • Guests
  • Vendors
  • Etc.

Remember rule number 1? It was communication – Part of communication includes clarifications. And in this case, be sure to clarify that your planner will be the one attending the wedding, not assigning someone else from their team to “run” the show!


Question 4: “In Case of… Emergency?”

No matter how much planning goes into the big day or most events, life happens and things can happen. Why else would people create a back-up plan or “plan b”? In this case ask your planner to have a back-up plan for nearly every scenario that comes up – Such as, key people not showing up, car trouble, babysitters canceling – including your planners own illness or emergency.

Question 5: “Any additional fees or hidden costs?”

Start the process by asking this question early on – And yes, we mean inquire before you hire. This question is one of the points we suggest you bring up early on verses inquiring after hiring vendors. Ask up front and you will avoid unexpected costs.  Your planner is able to explain any potential hidden costs that may come up with each vendor, venue, or service, so you’re able to plan your budget accordingly.

Question 6: “Do you have any questions for me?”

This part works in 2 ways – For example, you should be asking the potential planner a lot of questions and the planner should be asking you a lot of questions.  Consider:

  • Get to know each other!
  • Will you get along? You’ll be spending the next 9-12 months together planning one of the best days of your life!
  • Your planner should be just as concerned as you are about the success of your wedding. And if not, PASS. Don’t hire that planner and move onto the next candidate.
  • Try to interview 2-4 wedding planners before making a decision.
  • Be confident that the planner is a good fit

Remember, you and your fiancé want to have one of the best days of your lives.