9 Wedding Planning Myths Demystified

Weddings are a symbol of love, hope, devotion, sacrifice, and the future for everyone involved – That means that this special rite of passage is important not just for the bride and groom, but also to family, friends and to the community. Along with weddings come a host of expectations and perceptions so deeply ingrained that we don’t even realize they’re there. There are certain myths that shape and interfere with numerous aspects of the wedding process.

Whether they spawned from reality TV, childhood fairytales as a kid, cultural beliefs or stories that are passed down to us on a personal level, they exist and here are a few examples:

Myth 1: The Wedding Day | “It’s your day!”

Yes, it’s your wedding and you should do what you please, but anyone who’s planned one knows it’s never as simple as that. The process includes making concessions to make the day all about family, listening to advice, making others feel appreciated and being thankful for their help along the way.

Myth 2:  Tears | There are 3 parts to this myth:

  1. 1. “His proposal will bring you tears”
  2. 2. “You will cry when you slip on the perfect gown”
  3. 3. “Walking down the aisle to recite those lovely vows will bring on the water works.”

You along with every bride will react to major events and milestones differently. Someone might laugh, take off running or cry – No matter what, it’s your reaction and your reaction is the normal one for YOU. This applies to your groom, too.

Myth 3: Bonding | “Weddings bring everyone together and the usual drama disappears.”

Brides are conditioned to believe that the wedding is a time when we’re closest to loved ones, but reality doesn’t always meet our expectations. Brides have shared that they were disappointed in others who couldn’t put their own personal issues aside for the big day, whether it was divorced parents who refused to be in the same room together when discussing the wedding plans or a bridesmaid who was resentful over the fact that she didn’t get engaged first.

Myth 4: Perfection | “Everything must be PERFECT, meaningful, handmade and unique!”

Unlike the wedding days of our parents, modern weddings now demand an enormous level of personalization. However, all of these rewarding and personalized options can present a paralyzing effect – If you’re not sure what to pick, then ask yourself the following: “Does the idea I’m entertaining makes sense in relation to my overall vision (my venue, my dress, my caterer and the feeling that I want guests to take away from the entire event)?”

*TIP: We suggest limiting the clever ideas and DIY projects to ideas that reflect you as a couple the best.

Myth 5: Selection | “Never go with the 1st vendor option, gown, venue or other any other 1st item that you find!”

When considering your photographer, videographer, DJ and so forth, we suggest doing the following:

  1. 1. Interview them
  2. 2. Get client testimonials or referrals
  3. 3. Become knowledgeable about prices and services in the area

With each one ask yourself and your partner, “Is this the one we should choose?”

Myth 6: Big Spender | “Say, ‘Yes!’ No matter the Cost.”

Weddings are expensive – Don’t start your new married life in debt because you wanted to throw and impressive/memorable experience without disappointing guests and yourself.

*Tip: Start the wedding planning conversation with an honest conversation with your fiancé about how much you can realistically spend while taking your current finances into consideration.

*TIP: Use a budget spreadsheet to map out estimated costs for everything and adjust the amounts after finalizing contracts. Be sure to add a small percentage cushion to the total amount in case you do end up spending more in certain areas.

Myth 7: Hired Experts | “Hiring your loved ones is the same as professional vendors.”

Do you really want to ask a friend or family member to work during the entire wedding? Do you think that your 2nd cousin who has a successful Instagram following online is going to take the same level of images as a Wedding Photographer?

*TIP: We suggest leaving the important puzzle pieces and details of the big day to the professionals. For example: Leave the important catering to the professionals (like Bill Hansen Catering). You just won’t get the same results!

Myth 8: The BIG One | “You MUST have a white gown, something blue/old/new/borrowed, a bouquet toss, Dad walk you down the aisle and etc. Otherwise, it’s not really a wedding.”

At your wedding do something that has a meaning to you and your partner – Omitting traditions that you’ve never liked or aren’t a fan of. And above all have fun creating and planning your big wedding day.

Myth 9: The 8 Hour Beauty | “You’ll never look more beautiful than you will on that day…”

There’s no denying that brides are incredibly beautiful and that there’s a lot of pressure to look a certain way. However, your wedding day isn’t the first “beautiful-you” day or your last!

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