Bacon Bar? Yes Please!

bacon bar 1

By Amanda Dowds

Are you a lover of BACON? If so, your train stops here for the newest and hottest wedding trend out there!

I won’t take the credit as it was a wonderful creative bride of ours from this past season. When the client approached me about having a bacon bar at her wedding, I was slightly shocked but intrigued. How would you potentially present and make bacon or 200 guests for a wedding? Well we did. I worked one on one with the client to create a customized station completely revolved around BACON. From Bacon strips, to BLT salads to a bacon wrapped chutney banana, we offered it all!

So around the corner their wedding came and the bacon bar was a major success. There wasn’t a piece of bacon anything left. The best part about the entire evening was the reaction of guests as our service staff introduced each item to the guests as they viewed from afar. As January went on I was finalizing future weddings and would mention our trendy new “bacon bar” not expecting much. Boy was I wrong! Bacon became the new trend at Bill Hansen Catering so much so that our staff would be excited to see it at future weddings.

Bacon bar 2

It’s the best station trend out there right now! So remember when planning your wedding, splurge on the bacon experience, your guests will LOVE IT!

A  sampling of our Bacon Bar is listed below:

Bacon Station

Mini BLT Wedge Salad

Chocolate Covered Bacon/ Candied Bacon/ Peppered Bacon/Seasoned Bacon

Bacon-Wrapped Chutney Bananas, Bacon- Wrapped Dates

Bacon- Wrapped Scallops

mini wedge salads

Bacon wrapped dates with goat cheese

bacon wrapped chutney bananas