Cocktail Anyone…?


by Diego J Suarez

Ah summer-time, a fond remembrance of a time when drinking more and working less was perfectly acceptable, but I digress. Welcome to summer in Miami, where heat and negligible clothing are the standard for our fair city during 5 months out of the year and yet seemingly drag on into the rest of the year… This is one of those times of year, regardless of where you hail from, that fun, delicious and refreshing cocktails come alive and are celebrated with regularity on beaches and back patios alike. There are quite literally 10’s of thousands of cocktail recipes in the world today but there aren’t nearly as many that you would like to enjoy on a hot and breezy summer day (sidecar? I think not…) so I am giving you my top (easy to make) 5 summer cocktails that scream fun in the sun!

5. The Classic Margarita

Everyone reading this right now is currently trying to figure out why the most cliché-d beverage on earth made this list but please allow me to retort. Have you people ever had a REAL margarita?!?! “Why yes I have, I love that neon-green, glowing urine-in-a-jar that I add tequila to!” LAME!!!! Why not try making Margaritas from scratch, with real limes, and sugar and buy some decent Tequila will ya (Jose isn’t doing anyone any favors ok?)? Here is a great and simple recipe from everyone’s friends at epicurious, and feel free to make it even better by subbing Cointreau for Triple Sec.

4. The Dark n’ Stormy

It is a proven fact that a drink with a name this cool demands its own National Day or AT THE VERY LEAST, recognition on the summer drink list of someone no one knows or cares to listen to… The Dark n’ Stormy is a solid and refreshing cocktail that anyone with minimal brilliance can concoct and will have everyone singing their praises (why else do you think I make it…). It consists of TWO main ingredients Dark Rum &Ginger Beer and then a fresh squeezed and deposited lime wedge to finish it off. If you’re really feeling frisky, pop this puppy in a blender (add the soda AFTERWARDS for the love all things good) and then you’ll have a delicious and slushy cocktail to enjoy at every poolside.

3. Lynchburg Lemonade

Many people will see this cocktail and either rub their heads due to the confusion of never having heard of this cocktail and many more still will wonder how I chose this cocktail over the ever traditional Mint Julep. Don’t get me wrong, I will happily allow my liver to bask in the greatness that is bourbon and minty goodness but I chose to go a different route for this one. This cocktail is so simple to make that you may find yourself finding any excuse to make and drink it (like at work…). So without further ado, please allow Bourbon and Sprite to come together and make you a better person, or at least one that people are willing to put up with for small bits of time.


2. The Moscow Mule

The name alone, much like the Dark n’ Stormy (whose recipe is SO familiar to this one it’s scary), demands a lingual legacy all its own, but then again, so does any cocktail which insists on being served in its own special “glass”. No mule’ is complete without a fingerprint-removing, super chilled copper mug of greatness (sold yet?). I highly recommend getting several of these, preferably with your name on them, so that this way everyone who comes to your home to enjoy them can also comment on what an advanced human being you must be for not only possessing these special mugs, but having them specially made for you! So crazy glassware aside, great Vodka, Lime and Ginger Beer make up a spiffy cocktail that can be changed into the aforementioned Dark n’ Stormy, by simply switching from Vodka to Dark Rum (hello time saver with variety!).

1. The Cuban Mojito

We’re in Miami, and I get that this is an “obvious choice” but suck it up and deal, it’s still an amazingly delicious cocktail that takes minimal production for maximum amazing outcome!!! The traditional Mojito is like sweet, but not too sweet, alcoholic Cuban Limeade that can easily be drank by a balsero or your pool guests alike in any condition (hot, rainy, cold, snowing, whatever). This cocktail embraces Fresh Mint & Lime which are muddled with sugar and then covered with a delicious light Rum and topped off with club soda or sparkling water. If this drink doesn’t totally embody summer for you, then it’s entirely possible that you’re not even alive while reading this and should consider yourself potentially trapped in a weird “Sixth Sense” universe. However, for those of us with thirsty souls and hot sand to enjoy, jumping on this list ASAP will guarantee a summer of fun, sun and a complete and utter lack of sobriety, Enjoy!