Decór On A Dime

If we’re talking about weddings, it’s safe to say that the flowers are photographed second most, after the bridal couple.  Whether it’s bouquets, centerpieces, boutineers, or the flower girl’s petals, the flowers are going to be admired.

At Bill Hansen Catering, it’s also our job to make sure you have the best looking arrangements for your party.  I bet you didn’t know we have our own Design & Decor team.  One of the places we like to use most is Berkeley’s Florist Supply (  We’ve been using them for years… the reason being is they always have the fresh flowers we need, in the quantity that we need, at the price we like.  They have THOUSANDS of fresh cut flowers.  Best of all, you don’t need to have a wholesaler’s license to enjoy the savings.  Whether you’re buying a bouquet for your honey or you’re a designer buying hundreds to arrange in a wedding, you’ll always get the best selection at a good price at Berkeley’s.

Lindsey DuRant, our in-house Design & Decor consultant has a few tips on how to make your flowers their best, especially for those designing on a budget.

1. Just as important as what’s above the vase is what is inside the vase. If using a clear vase, mask scraggly stems by wrapping lily grass or large leaves around the inside of the vase. Doing so will not only add an element of professional design to your work, but will double the size of the arrangements, visually.

2. Oasis, Oasis, Oasis (Oasis is the specialty flower foam). Even when using long-stemmed florals and tall vases, Oasis allows for full control of height and shape. For only $2 more, you can accomplish that full, round shape popular amongst bridal centerpieces, and never fear that your florals will shift during delivery or transfer.

3. Diamonds and pearls and glitter, Oh My! Accent a standard floral arrangement or bouquet by tucking jeweled or pearl-studded pins in between the flowers. A box of pins can be picked up at your local floral supplier, Michael’s Crafts, or wherever sewing supplies can be found. They also add a finishing touch to the stems of ribbon-wrapped bridal bouquets.

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