DIY Thanksgiving Crafts and Decorations For Kids

Decor is an important part of any event, no matter how big or small.  Whether its a 400 person wedding reception or a family dinner for 4, decorations are a must!  Kids love to lend a helping hand when it comes to decorating the table, so here are a few little activities you can do together with the family AND help decorate for the holiday as well.  Get inspired with these 6 easy-to-make holiday craft ideas.


The Turkey Placemat


Easily tempt the kids to their seats while Thanksgiving dinner is being prepared is with this fun activity.

Crafting Instructions:

  • Cut out two circles from construction paper for the body, head and accent with paper to create the eyes, beak, and feet.
  • Ask each child to create feathers from paper scraps, googly eyes and other small crafts items.

End by using the decorated turkeys as charming place mats.


The Thanks Thanksgiving Day Calendar


Thanksgiving is the season to celebrate what you and the family are grateful for – Easily accomplish this with a DIY calendar.

Crafting Instructions:

  • Attach mini envelopes to a painted piece of foam core or cardboard and insert it into an inexpensive frame.
  • Each day, a family members writes a detailed note of their gratitude and places it into the envelope. Open all the notes during the big turkey day meal.



Gobble Gobble Glove


A big hit & personal favorite…

Crafting Instructions:

  • Use markers to decorate white work gloves with turkey-feather designs.
  • Cut out pieces of felt for the wings and beak.
  • Glue the felt pieces and a button eye on the glove.


Place Cards


Occupy the hungry family with this simple tableside craft.

Crafting Instructions:


  • Arm the family with markers, glue, buttons, felt pieces and paper.

Ask them to make fun place cards for soon-to-be-arriving guests or provide them with the guest list so they can easily spell difficult names.


Table Turkey


Turn pinecones into adorable turkey decorations.

Crafting Instructions:

  • Grab a pine cone.
  • Locate goggle eyes and orange felt. Place the eyes and then cut the felt material into a triangle for the beak.
  • Add feathers or construction paper.


Turkey Napkin Ring


You now have table mats and table toppers so don’t forget the napkin ring. This is made out of bottle caps and paper towels – Recycled items.

Crafting Instructions:

  • Cut a long rectangular shape of construction paper to slip around the napkin. Glue or tape this piece together. Add any additional decoration before moving onto the next step.
  • Glue a bottle cap onto the paper.
  • Add eyes, beak and feathers.