First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage…Then Comes the Agonizing Process of Changing Your Name…

Greetings from Sir Winston of Villa Woodbine and Bill Hansen Catering. I recently learned that the average newlywed conducts 30 hours of research to locate and complete the forms for a legal name change.  Two attorney’s Josh Gelb and Jake Wolff saw how complicated it was for their new wives to change their surnames….and they decided to do something about it. There was not one complete source that provides support and does the nitty-gritty work that most people find tedious and unpleasant.

Their answer is The cost is only $39.99 with a portion of the proceeds going to breast and ovarian cancer research. So far it’s helped over 1,000 couples and anticipates facilitating 15,000 name changes by next summer.

They prepare the packed of all the forms and all their clients do is sign the forms and mail them in….so easy even a cave girl can do it.

~ Sir Winston

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