Late Night Snacks

By Kay Rivas

Late night snacks at an event are fun and a way to feed your guests before they leave. Once your guests start dancing and partying you can treat them to some amazing butler-passed goodies. Think fun food like:

Mini BLT’s


Chicken and Waffles


Or Mini Grilled Cheese Sandwiches atop Tomato Soup Shooters


These items can be customized to the theme of the wedding or the favorite dishes of the bride and groom.  For example, If the groom loves meatloaf—How about a Mini Meatloaf Slider with Ketchup and Fried Onions? If the Bride is crazy about lobster you could do a Mini Lobster Roll with a Caper Butter Aioli. The late night snack options are endless and an experienced caterer will help you select the right choices for your wedding.

Adding these causal, but tasty little yummy treats will increase the length of your party and keep your guests partying until the sun comes up.