Mother Nature Can Be a Very Mean Lady!

As promised, I wanted to update you on the wedding I managed last weekend for my clients Hans and Soraya.  They are the type of couple that everyone meets and loves, so every vendor involved with them truly wanted to do anything and everything to make their wedding day extra special.  Mother Nature had other plans.  With the dream wedding scheduled in the quaint private beach at La Siesta in Islamorada Florida, we needed to have amazing weather but had just the opposite.  Think – 20 to 30 mile per hour winds and constant rain.  Luckily the couple had an air-conditioned tent so the reception could be salvaged.  The ceremony was on the hotel’s dock where the designers at Landy’s Flowers had created a beautiful bamboo arbor with tropical flowers to match the gorgeous centerpieces inside the tent.  All was very beautiful, scenic, organic but unfortunately rainy.  As the bands of bad weather blew in, we would get the occasional reprieve from the rain.  I remembered how the bride and groom had told me that the ceremony was so important to them.  They even hired former T.V. anchor and current radio host turned Officiant, Kelly Craig, to write a sentimental, and very personal ceremony just for them.  The vision of the ceremony with the ocean as the backdrop was their dream.

As 5:00 p.m. approached the weather showed no improvement.  I had to make the phone call that every planner dreads – “We are going to have use your plan B for the ceremony”.   The bride was disappointed but knew that although I could control just about everything the weather, was out of my hands.  Just as the florist was starting to move flowers into the tent, there was a break in the weather.  The bride was in route (did I tell you both she and the groom were arriving in separate boats? Not complicated at all!!).  I decided at that very moment to take a shot and laugh in the face of Mother Nature.  I thought, “Listen lady, you will not take my clients ceremony dream away”.  Five minutes after my risky decision the  groom showed up with his Father and Groomsmen to Phil Collins, “In the Air Tonight” or whatever it is called, just think of a shout out to Miami Vice.  The groom walked up the aisle and took his place at the altar next to his Best Man/Dad and his Officiant, Kelly Craig.  He gave me the green light to keep the ceremony on that dock no matter what.  Just then, the bride’s cabin cruiser was in the distance.  She and her bridesmaids would be docking in just moments.  I felt a drop on my face and my heart sank.  The guests were total troopers and sat quietly under their umbrellas.  As the bride approached they cheered for her and it was such a warm moment.  The groomsmen were waiting for their partners on the dock and I approached the bride’s boat.  I asked her if she was ready for an adventure and she smiled and said, “It is what it is”.  The rain was now coming down in bigger drops and their was no mistaking that this couple was getting married in the rain.  There are many that say that it is good luck when it rains on your wedding day, but I know that that was probably invented many years ago by a very savvy planner in my same predicament.

Kelly Craig welcomed everyone to Hans and Soraya’s Baptism!  That definitely got a laugh from the crowd.  The ceremony was beautiful and meaningful.  The couple stood under a big colorful umbrella that was totally Florida Keys and a great photo-op.  The ceremony ended and suddenly a beautiful and vivid rainbow appeared directly behind the “altar”.  I could not make this up, people.  It really happened.  The rain stopped and just when I though I had defeated Mother Nature the wind almost knocked me in the water.  “Feets don’t fail me now!  Where is that lovely air-conditioned tent with the gorgeous draping and chandeliers?  It was in the distance like a beacon with gorgeous lighting provided by Party Sparks.  The rest of the night was dreamy and fun and at the end of  the night I felt good that the couple got their dream ceremony albeit soggy.  The bride and groom could not be happier.

Getting rained on, the waves of water in my non-functioning Blackberry’s screen, the loss of my favorite Swarovski pen in the sand and the memory of the last time I ate which was the night before, could not take away my fabulous mood after a job well done and giving my clients exactly what they told me that they wanted the first time we met.  Who said this job isn’t glamorous?

Ana M. Cruz
Ana Cruz Event Planning

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