Aspects Of A Sensational Event

We took 4 different aspects of an event and what do to make them “sensational”.

1. Sensational Butler Passed Hors O’duerves ~ This is a creative way of showcasing a passed item and using the tray as a way to not only explain the flavoring of the passed item but giving the “wow” factor of a non traditional passing tray….

2. Sensational Florals ~ This piece is interesting because traditionally center pieces are placed on the tables. In the event picture below, an entire Thai inspired garden was built from the ground up, courtesy of 2R Productions.  Grass, palms, lilies, and the pond itself were all brought in to transport guests to South East Asia.  Nothing is impossible!

3. Sensational Service ~ This can not only act as decor but is a great service provided while entertaining guests during a cocktail hour.  Though you may not have a particle theme to your event, the venue you choose may.  For this particular event at Villa Vizcaya, we had staff appropriately dressed in Venetian attire.  What a sensational way to greet your guests!

4. Sensational Food Station Theme ~ To enhance all your guests’ senses we’ve added a little something extra to our Fire and Ice Ceviche station.  Fire and Ice!   A Live-action food station is a great way to get party-goers interacting.  It also allows them to customize their meals to their liking.
Two more of our favorites are the Design Your Own Cupcake Station and Milkshake Station.  Great for birthdays, guests can make their own personal works of food art then compare and share!  Fun for everyone!