Service Director Jason King Speaks About Service at Weddings and Events

Greetings, my name is Jason King and I am Director of Service at Bill Hansen Catering.  Bill hired me after a long career as a private butler for numerous celebrities…..most recently having worked for two years for Steve Wynn of Las Vegas hotel fame.   Bill is extremely passionate about providing luxury service at his events.  There are so many little things as well as big things that go into making service special.  I could write a book on what makes great service, but there’s no room in the blog for that, but be assured that from time to time I’ll write more about what to look for in service.  Today I will start with five of my all-time favorites:


1.  Warm Welcome

Are drinks being passed as guests arrive?  Is there a sufficient number of valet parking attendants?  Are the hors d’oeuvres readily available?  Are the bars sufficiently staffed so there are no lines?


2. Butlered Hors D’Ouevres

Are they passed not only close to the kitchen but to those guests at the far end of the event?  Do the servers know what they are serving?  Are the trays attractively decorated?  Do the servers smile and look like they enjoy what they’re doing?

3. Beverage Service

Are the glasses clean with no lipstick?  Are bartenders friendly, quick and efficient?  Do they pick up the glasses from bottom, not the top?  Are potions sizes perfect?  Not too heavy or too light?

Meal Service

Do servers serve food from the left with the left hand and the left foot forward, moving clockwise.  Do the servers pour beverages from the right, with the right hand and the right foot forward, moving counter clockwise?  Are ladies served first?

Desserts and Coffee

Tea drinkers many times get the short end of the tea bag string, and have to wait until everyone has coffee?  I say, let the tea drinkers get theirs first.  There’s no way they should have to suffer any longer!!!


That’s it for this week…

Jason King
Director of Service
Bill Hansen Luxury Catering and Events