Some people say its optional, We say it’s a MUST HAVE!

“Some people say its optional, We say it’s a MUST HAVE!”

 by Amanda Dowds (Sales Consultant)

If you have never been married, planned a wedding or just are simply NOT “in the business” than you most likely have no idea what a day of coordinator is! If you do know what that is, simply “MAD PROPS.” A colleague of mine says it best. “A day of coordinator is an insurance policy that covers and protects the large investment you are about to shell out on the most important day of your life.”

Simply this a specific individual or duo pair that will make sure your day goes as perfect as you have dreamed of for the past “x” amount of years. Some might ask, what exactly do they do? Below is a list of the main functions of that insurance policy we like to call It here at Bill Hansen Catering.

  1. Corrals and places the bridal party figurines into line & repeatedly tells them where to stand, how to walk and most importantly how to behave during the clients’ ceremony. The day of coordinator will perform this during the rehearsal as well as the wedding day ceremony.
  2. The sole use of our ELITE bridal kit that includes the necessary items such as deodorant, nail polish, hair spray, bobby pins, breath mints, sewing kit, and most importantly that South Florida bug spray for the Summer months.
  3. Our coordinators will tend to the bride & groom, bridal party and close family’s EVERY little need. Whether it be simply fixing the bride’s train and groom’s bow tie or the never ending refill of the father of the bride’s cocktail throughout the night, these coordinators do it all.
  4. Most importantly on the insurance plan….day of coordinators will prevent the unthinkable from happening, manage and implement a perfect procedure for the unforeseen issues such as rain during the ceremony, best man hijacking the microphone at the wrong time or cake to the face during the cutting ceremony.

So one must ask, do you agree with us Bill Hansen Catering professionals that a day of coordinator is a “MUST HAVE?” I hope you do! If not, I strongly suggest youtubing “wedding reception mishaps!”

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