Sushi Etiquette

Sushi station platters
If you’re looking for a surefire way to please a crowd, consider adding an ever-impressive sushi station to your next event!  Whether it’s a stationary bamboo boat display during cocktail hour or a full blown live action rolled-to-order sushi station with conveyor belt, your guests are sure to be blown away by the fresh, delicate flavors and artful presentation.

Rubell Sushi
Although the Sushi phenomenon has only gained worldwide popularity over the past 30 years, the origins of sushi as we know it today date back to the 8th century.  Over time, various traditions have developed for enjoying these briny bites.  Below are some little known rules to follow for proper sushi etiquette, and even if you don’t end up following them, they make for interesting conversation at the sake cooler!

          Never use your chopsticks to point at anyone (or anything).  They are not traffic control batons.

          Do not use the narrow end of your chop sticks to pass sushi to another person.  Instead, flip them around to use the wider blunt end so that nothing that comes in contact with your mouth comes in contact with anyone else’s food.

          It is actually acceptable to nix the chopsticks and eat sushi with your hands.  Fun fact:  sushi began as a street food!

          It is frowned upon to add wasabi to your soy sauce bowl and to place the pickled ginger on top of your sushi.  It is a palate cleanser and meant to be enjoyed between bites.

          When eating nigiri, rotate the piece so that the fish side comes in direct contact with your tongue.

          Never leave any food on your plate, even if it’s only a grain of rice!