Taking the Stress Out of an Event, the Goal for Hansen Luxury Catering & Events Production

COCONUT GROVE – As the day approaches, brides and families recognize that a wedding can be the most joyous occasion, but also the most stressful. A mixed blessing.

“Some say that the happiest time is the day after the wedding,” mused Bill Hansen, CEO of Bill Hansen Luxury Catering & Events Production. The 35-year old firm has planned thousands of events at hundreds of exclusive venues throughout South Florida.

“Our goal – and we have been quite successful at it – is to take the stress off the bride so that she and her family can truly enjoy the special day.”

When one thinks about a wedding and all of the logistics and then combine it with the emotions of the event, it’s no surprise that there is a potential for tension.

“There are literally hundreds of moving pieces for a wedding,” explained Hansen, “and it starts immediately after the proposal.”
The first major decision is selecting the venue and perhaps a theme for the event.

“Most brides have very specific ideas as to the type of location they want,” said Hansen. “Once that decision is made, you can sense some of the tension lifting. Then many of the other things fall into place.”

Based out of the historic Villa Woodbine historic mansion in Coconut Grove, Hansen and his team of executive chefs and planners consistently deliver on its promise of creating “one-of-a-kind” experiences that eliminate the stress during the preparation and the day of the event. In addition to this scenic site, Hansen also has access to hundreds of other locations that meet the need of bridal parties.

“Whether it’s an historic mansion, a beachfront, warehouse, a monastery, race track, or museum, we have access to these locations from Palm Beach County down to Key West,” said Hansen. “The location sets the tone for everything else – formal or informal attire, food, drinks, and décor.”

In addition to Villa Woodbine and Vizcaya, Hansen offers other venues including the The Kampong, Fairchild Tropical Garden, Palm Court, the DuPont Building, The Moore Building, The Cruz Building, The Charles Deering Estate, 1111 Lincoln Road, The Gallery of Amazing Things, The Versace Mansion, The Rubell Family Collection, The Ice Palace, The Walton House, The Ancient Spanish Monastery, The Bonnet House, The Needham Estate, to name a few.

“The key to a stress-free event is to put the thousands of details into the hands of professionals,” said Hansen. “Our staff regularly handles pretty much every detail. Our executive chefs can masterfully prepare any kind of meal. And, we have access to the finest photographers, musicians, and staff. We can orchestrate a white-glove affair or a country western event.”

No detail is too small for Hansen and his staff.

“The only thing we can’t control is the weather, but we always have contingency plans in the event that Mother Nature doesn’t cooperate,” he said.

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