The 411 on Business Networking

The 411 on Business Networking

by Amanda Dowds (Sales Consultant)

The Wikipedia definition of “Business networking”  is a socioeconomic activity by which groups of like-minded businesspeople recognize, create, or act upon business opportunities.

For a company run by a networking “guru” himself, Bill Hansen Catering thrives on networking opportunities to grow business and brand ourselves at an even higher level than we currently are. For someone like myself, over the past 8 months I have found myself following in the footsteps of the “guru” himself. I must admit, I am very far behind him on the networking journey and have much to learn. If you polled the office, majority would agree that we are known for our A+ networking skills.

I, myself being a people person, genuinely enjoy being out and about conversing with different groups of people throughout the work week as well as on weekends. Whether it be at an industry event such as the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce or simply at the local Brickell Trulucks or prestigious Soho House on Miami Beach, you are promised to meet a different group of people each night that are very resourceful and could even become potential clients, or in my case a future husband.

Some may ask, what if I’m shy or not “good” at networking? Answer, grab a friend or colleague and double team the local networking events together.

Building that networking circle is a very simple and fun way to add additional dollars to those weekly paychecks. We all love that right?

Here are a few ­networking tips I have felt have been very helpful!

  1. Always have a few business cards with you wherever you may go & Collect, Collect, Collect!
  2. Attire should be based on the type of networking event you are attending….dress to impress, but don’t overdo it!
  3. Build the trusting relationship at first, don’t dive in for the business sale/ opportunity at a first meeting
  4. Show interest in their business as well, even if the opportunity is not there. They may know someone or refer your company down the road!

So what does the above mean???? Get out there and network! You never know who you may meet.

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