“The First Fight”

“The First Fight”

It’s inevitable, the first fight between a wife and husband. How does one get through it successfully and with no hurt feelings? I will tell you. It’s called a “Wine Love Letter Box.”  Grab the following:

  • Fabulous bottle of wine
  • Wine Opener
  • Two Pens
  • Two Sheets of Paper
  • A Hammer
  • Two Nails
  • Wooden Box

Prior to the wedding each one of you should sit down and write a love letter to each other. This letter should include the reasons as to why you can’t live without your soon to be spouse, characteristics you love about them, favorite memories of that person and most of all why you love them so deeply. Slip this in an envelope and seal it! Once this is completed take the two letters, bottle of wine and place them in the wooden box.

Don’t forget you need to bring this beautiful wooden box to your wedding ceremony. At some point throughout the ceremony, both of you will nail this wooden box shut and vow that during your first disagreement or “fight” you will open this box during and perform the following:

  1. Open the bottle of wine!
  2. Go to separate areas of the home and read the letter your spouse wrote for you as you sip your glass of wine.
  3. Once you have read the letter return to the common area….

POOF! You have survived your first fight.  Congratulations on being a successful married couple and surviving your first “fight”!