The Symbolism of Flowers

Did you know that every flower has a symbolic meaning? Choosing your bridal bouquet and floral arrangements can be as much about the beauty of the flowers as it is about the meaning behind them.

Rose ~ A classic wedding flower whose tough stalk and thick petals help it to survive in most conditions, the rose is a timeless bridal selection. Roses come in many shades, each with its own meaning. The most popular wedding roses are red, white, pink, and yellow, representing enduring love and passion, humility and innocence, gratitude and admiration, and friendship and joy, respectfully.

Hydrangea ~ The beauty of the hydrangea comes not only from its large globe-shape and tightly packed petals, but also from its every changing shade. Hydrangeas change colors depending on the acidity of the soil they grow in, varying from stark whites to pinks, purples, and blues. Japanese legend suggests that this flower represents heartfelt emotions on all parts of the spectrum. It is also typically given to celebrate 4th wedding anniversaries.

Calla Lily ~ The calla lily has long been a popular selection for brides throughout the 20th century. Its trumpet shaped blossom is a distinct metaphor for elegance and the loveliness of the female form. As a wedding flower, the calla lily symbolizes eternal beauty.

Lilac ~ Greek mythology tells the story of the lilac as thus—Pan, the God of the forest, fell in love with the nymph Syringa. In order to escape his powerful desire, Syringa turned herself into what is now called the lilac. Today, the lilac is a symbol of confidence and youthful innocence—both of which are revered qualities in a young couple.

Tulip ~ There are many varieties and shades of the tulip, making it a popular choice for many brides. Although each shade of tulip carries different meaning (yellow symbolizing happiness, purple for royalty, and white for forgiveness) the overwhelming consensus is that tulips generally represent consuming love and happy years. Turkish legend surrounding this flower tells the tale of a prince who rode his horse off a cliff when he found out that the love of his life was killed. It is said that a beautiful red tulip sprang from each drop of his blood. This flower is also generally given as an 11th wedding anniversary flower.

For every flower, there is a symbolic meaning. Of course, each petal carries a new symbol once you choose your wedding bouquet, as these flowers will now represent the love between you and your partner, and the day you declared that love to one another. Will you be choosing your arrangement based on aesthetics or symbolic meaning?


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