Themed Weddings

Are themed events only for holidays and parties? Or can a themed wedding suit your marriage event?

As with any wedding, the purpose is to celebrate the union and style of two individuals who are planning on creating an eternal union that will highlight their similarities and differences. A wedding is supposed to showcase the styles and preferences that the couple shares, and the compromises they are willing to make for one another.

Usually, grooms say they can do without the pink flowers. Alternatively, a bride rarely requests a groom’s cake unless it is for the purpose of making her future husband happy. These compromises make for a beautiful union of two.

Although a wedding lasts for several hours, evidence of the event lasts a lifetime through pictures, videos and stories. It is for this reason that so much detail is put into planning the event. For many couples, a themed wedding is what they prefer—an event that highlights the couple’s combined passion for one particular thing.

When is it appropriate to have a themed wedding? That is entirely up to the couple. Remember, this is your day. Most themed weddings take place around Halloween—the wedding then serves two purposes: holy matrimony and memorable party. Having a themed reception around October is a little less out of place than doing it any other time of year, much like dressing as a zombie is acceptable throughout October, but otherwise frowned upon in society.

Here are the things to take into consideration if you are planning on having a themed wedding:

Theme: What you choose to make your theme is entirely up to you. But for this particular type of reception, you and your mate must be entirely sold on the theme. This is not something that you will want to compromise on. Years later when you look at the photos, you’ll both want to be happy you dressed up as a knight and Renaissance women, or else it will surely be a point of contention.

Price: How detailed do you want to get with this theme? A serious theme will begin with the invitation and last throughout the thank-you cards. Of course, anything that is not generic will be slightly more pricey than other versions, but then, you didn’t want a generic wedding anyway, and weddings can be costly regardless.

Guests: Will your guests be into the theme? Yes. They will. They will because this day is about you and they will do whatever is necessary to make sure you are happy on this day. The important thing to consider is the price of the costume you are asking your guests to come dressed as. If the costume costs more than what they were originally going to wear, you might want to offer them less expensive ideas.

Food: If your theme is a time period, you will want to serve foods of the times. Remember to specify this with your caterers and they will be more than happy to accommodate this preference.

Having a themed wedding is entirely up to the couple. In truth, there is no reason for it to cost too much more than a regular wedding, and it will certainly be memorable for years afterwards. The main thing to consider is you and your partner’s passion for the theme—is this something you’ll want to remember at your Golden Anniversary. If the answer is yes, prepare yourselves for what is bound to be an incredible party!

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