There’s a rustic wedding venue in Miami? It’s true.

Responding to the growing fascination with “rustic” weddings, it’s no surprise that Bill Hansen has found another venue that meets the needs of those seeking truly untraditional locations for their special day.

It’s pretty much expected from the “guru” of special event planning and catering since he’s been doing just that for more than 35 years as CEO of Coconut Grove-based Bill Hansen Luxury Catering & Event Production.

With the addition of Estancia Culinaria, a 10-acre organic avocado farm in Homestead, Hansen now provides brides and grooms with a country setting that comes as a surprise to those first-time visitors.

“Estancia Culinaria certainly has the ‘oh wow’ factor since people in South Florida certainly don’t expect this type of venue that is usually associated with New England,” said Hansen. “Our goal is to create events that everyone will remember for years to come. It is clear that this venue accomplishes that.”

Set in the rustic Redlands area of Southwest Miami-Dade County, Estancia Culinaria boasts almost 1,000 majestic trees, horse paddocks, a coral rock chapel, and meandering walking paths.

“It’s like stepping back in time,” added Hansen. “And, it is a refreshing change from the hustle and bustle of South Florida. There’s no traffic, just the sounds of wildlife and breezes coming through the trees. It gives visitors a clear picture of what life was like on a farm in the late 1800s. And now, it is available for that special day.”

Hansen points out that the possibilities for weddings and other events are limitless at this unique venue.

“Brides have arrived in horse-drawn carriages,” he said. “And visitors frequently stroll the grounds during receptions. Rustic cabins and barns are spread throughout the property, providing an unmatched romantic ambiance.”

The addition of Estancia Culinaria to Hansen’s growing list of venues further solidifies his position as the “go to” professional for untraditional events.

“If you want an event at a country club or hotel, we’re not the right company,” he said. “Our clients are those seeking a creative events and that frequently starts with selecting the right venue.”

With a growing list of clients seeking rustic-style events, Hansen has also secured two other venues in the Redlands.

Established as an avocado farm in 1917, the Walton House provides a glimpse of what South Florida was like a century ago. The centerpiece of this estate is a charming, historic English-style cottage. From its soaring gabled roof to surrounding country English flower garden and the adjacent European-styled horse stable, brides, grooms, and guests experience the flavor and old world charm of England right here in South Florida.

Samsara is a spectacular Indonesian-inspired garden paradise featuring waterfalls, koi ponds, and lush foliage in this Balinese-inspired garden venue. Intimate and private sitting areas, paths meandering through tropical landscaping, and numerous open-air covered structures.