We are The People Who Always Ask, “What if?”

We are The People Who Always Ask,  “What if?”

by Christina Canizares (Sales Consultant)

Being prepared is important, but being over prepared is a must, especially when planning a big and special event like a wedding. This is the biggest day of a woman’s life, so we have to come in full force!

When I first started at Bill Hansen Catering, I was told to always ask myself “What if?” As events came in and our staff would have Operation Meetings, the original plan was never the only thing discussed.  We have contingencies for just about every situation imaginable.

Even the Emergency Bridal Kit shocked me. Two huge bags of EVERYTHING you can think of. Yes, they had the basics, but times that by 5! Hair products, deodorants, band-aids, toothpicks, safety pins, chewing gum, even bags of cough drops!! There is not one kind; but different scents, different types, different brands, a ton of options. I was told “You never know. WHAT IF she is allergic to this one?”  We want our clients (and guests) to feel comfortable, and trust in us that we have everything covered. We like to call it Piece of Mind.

Living in Florida and having a perfect outdoor wedding is what every Floridian girl dreams about. BUT, we are always prepared and ready to answer the inevitable question …dom dom dooom… “What if…it rains?” Our team is constantly looking at the latest weather reports. We even give the option to get a tent 3 days before your wedding.  Even on the day-of, we never let our guard down.  We want you to get hitched without a hitch!!

So when it comes to planning, remember, we always keep in mind: “What if?”  It can make or break your event, but luckily for you, Bill Hansen Catering has been catering South Florida for 33 years now and there is not much that we haven’t seen nor an obstacle that we’ve had to overcome.  We are prepared.