Wedding Wheels

Thinking about ways to make a grand entrance or options to transport your wedding party? Here’s some ideas to get yourself, wedding guests and wedding party from one place to another!

The Family Car: Decorating the car or truck you two will share is one of the old standards in wedding transportation. However, this lot almost always falls to the groomsmen, who may or may not keep tact in mind. If you don’t want your car splashed in paint and dragging tin cans, be sure and ask a responsible bridesmaid to keep everyone else in check.

Limousines: Even limos are coming with more and more personalized options. You can travel in a standard stretch, spring for a Hummer limo, or choose a sleek, luxury sedan. Depending on how many people you need to accommodate, you can consider any of the above options. Remember, too, that paparazzi-style shots of you emerging from the limo are always a great addition to the wedding photos.

Non-Traditional Options: Some of the best wedding travel ideas take place a little off the beaten track. Hop onto a motorcycle or Vespa (taking care of wedding dress issues ahead of time), ride a two-person bicycle, or even walk or roller skate away to a car parked just down the street. Although these kinds of ideas work best for the husband-wife departure rather than the arrival of the whole bridal party, they can add a cute and personal touch.

Mass Transit: If you are coordinating a large number of guests (especially out-of-towners), you might want to offer shuttle buses or minivans to help them move from the hotel to the wedding site, or from the wedding site to the reception. This can be a great way to make your guests feel truly welcome and taken care of.

Horse and Carriage: If you are really getting into the theme of your Victorian-themed Utah reception site, the traditional horse and carriage provides an elegant touch. This also makes for incredible wedding photo opportunities.

Give Your Groom a Gift: If your husband-to-be is a fan of vintage or sports cars, this can be a great opportunity to surprise him with the gift of a lifetime. Rent a BMW, Rolls Royce, or Ferrari and toss him the keys on your way out of the wedding or reception site. These kinds of rentals can typically be made for just a few hours or the day to accommodate weddings.

Wedding transportation needs vary depending on your wedding. Maybe you and your groom want to arrive and depart in style. Perhaps you need a way to move a large bridal party from one venue to another. Maybe you even want to keep your guests together by providing travel options for them. Whatever your needs, be sure and plan ahead. During the busy wedding season, limo and carriage rentals can fill up fast! Whatever you do…don’t forget the “Just Married” on the back!

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