What makes Bill Hansen Catering different from our competitors?

Bill was invited to share his life attitude and business formula to make Bill Hansen Catering so successful by Modern Luxury Magazine.

You will understand why this catering company has built such a great reputation and been known as the top-notch caterer in this interview.

We’ve catered for 5,000+ South Florida venues, 2,500+ brides, scores of Fortune 500 firms, Four U.S. Presidents and Pope John Paul II. Villa Woodbine, Coconut Grove is our exclusive venue and books years in advance.

Bill, you have a large return client rate, why is this?  Our foremost core value is “Customer Focused Management.” We put ourselves in our clients’ shoes before every event, anticipating their every need.  Lots of firms say they do this, but we really do it with excellence.

Tell us about your team and how they ensure guest satisfaction.

How do you find such an amazing team of sales consultants, operations managers and service staff?

Having taught catering management at FIU since 1990 has helped me recruit the best. Our training program is second to none, with demanding standards and the niceties of service taught by a former English Butler.

Bill, over the past 35 years you have catered tens of thousands of events; which one is most memorable?

Catering for 10,000 French plumbers at the Miami Seaquarium tops the list, followed by a Vizcaya bride who twirled around the courtyard for hours with dozens of friends and family.

What services do you provide beyond food, beverage and staff?

We love finding unique, sought-after venues for our clients. No two events are the same, and our team can plan the complete event, including design, décor, lighting, entertainment—the works!

Some may say you are the “Godfather” of South Florida catering, why is that?

I started at the Miami Club in 1980 and am still going strong. Like the late Zig Ziglar said, “I’m not retired, I’m re-fired.”  It’s inevitable that many of today’s top caterers learned from me.

Many must ask, are you a food critic when you are out on the town?

I am…and so is my wife Terry.  We have sophisticated taste buds and would make great restaurant reviewers because we know what it takes to deliver memorable meals.

What would be your dream job, if you hadn’t started Bill Hansen Catering?

Catering is my dream job. To stay sharp, I consult, teach, write for a magazine, work on my second book and keep a great record as an expert witness—haven’t lost a case yet!

Where do you see yourself as well as the company in the next 5 years?  Doing things bigger and better with amazing foods, top chefs, fabulous event designs and a growing team delivering great customer service.  I have no plans to retire…..just staying re-fired!!!