Why Use a Celebrant

Why Use a Celebrant

by Amy DeLuca (Sales Coordinator)

Every marriage represents a unique and loving bond between two individuals.  From the first dance to cocktails, entrées, cake, décor and beyond, each and every detail of a wedding is customized to the wishes of the couple, so why shouldn’t couples be able to uniquely express their love for one another during their ceremony?  Through the use of a Celebrant, couples are able to do just this.

With beautiful customized readings and elegant poetry, Celebrants can create a unique, individualized script for any ceremony.  Whether the wedding is themed, formal, informal or traditional, Celebrants will cater to the wants and desires of the couple, ensuring that their love for one another is expressed in their own, special way.  From one on one meetings to rehearsals, unlimited consultations and script editing, couples will have the satisfaction of customizing their ceremony, with the assistance of a professional.  For couples searching to have a religious ceremony take place outside of the church setting, many Celebrants will conduct ceremonies that contain religious content, catering to any denomination.

Make your wedding day even more memorable by expressing your own words of love through the use of a Celebrant.

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