You’re Either In or You’re Out

Are you with me or against me?  Are you joining me or aren’t you?  Or, are you having your wedding reception indoors or outdoors.

Brides are faced with so many options when it comes to where to host their guests on the biggest day of their lives.  Here in South Florida, options abound, with well over 1,000 venues and growing daily.  (Every day I learn of a new venue that has opened that is suitable for a wedding.)

So where do you start?  At 68.55 years old, and after living my dream life of serving thousands of brides in South Florida and California since 1969, I can tell you that one of the first decisions a bride must make is” indoors or outdoors”.  Do you want to decorate an empty ballroom in a hotel or take advantage of the natural beauty of a venue such as Villa Woodbine, Villa Vizcaya, The Kampong, Fairchild Tropical Garden, The Charles Deering Estate or The Thalatta Estate, to name a few?

There are many pros and cons of having your wedding indoors or outdoors, so it’s vital to weigh both options before making your decision. Talk to all of the professionals you’ve made contact with thus far; and if you haven’t made any yet, go ahead and make a few calls. Feel free to give me a call on my cell at 305 338 1897, and I’ll be more than happy to walk you through your options….or call my office at 305 858 6660 and speak to Shaneil, Lindsey, Amanda or Kay.  They are rock stars and love to serve and help brides figuring out their best options.  Even if we do not end up catering your wedding, that’s fine.  But odds are we will, once you’ve talked to any one of us….We know Miami venues better than anyone!  That’s a guarantee!!!

Indoor venues eliminate the weather worry but require an investment in more décor than an outdoor wedding.  One indoor venue that we love is the Cruz Building in Coconut Grove:…the décor there is amazing and there’s no curfew.  Also, consider the Moore Building and the A. I. DuPont Building.

This brings us to tenting for outdoor events.  It’s not usually needed, but you need to plan for the unexpected. The perfect rain protection is clear tenting that may or may not be air conditioned.  During the summer months at Villa Woodbine we offer an air conditioned tent at reduced summer prices and brides have flocked to us.  In fact, we only have a few dates left this summer.  The reason we can keep the price very low is that the tent is put up and left up over the summer, and then taken down at the end of September.


Most venues will allow you to make the call 3 days or so ahead of time, except for Vizcaya, where a longer notification is necessary.  Usually, my team recommends a tent if the chance of rain is over 20%; at less than 20%, the odds are slim.  We also have plastic covers for the tables if it happens to sprinkle a little prior to the start of the wedding.

In my opinion, if you’re dreaming of an outdoor wedding, then plan on it, but be prepared to make some last minute adjustments if Mother Nature does not cooperate.  Keep in mind, too, the rain in South Florida usually is quick, and then it’s over.  In all my years of catering, I have never had rain ruin a wedding…we’ve handled things very well in the unlikely 1 in 100 occurrence when it rains from start to finish; however, if you’re going to spend the time leading up to your wedding obsessing over the weather, then indoors is your best bet.